How Did We Get Here? The History of what is the difference between heart attack and stroke Told Through Tweets


You would think heart attack or stroke would be the same thing, but heart attack is a condition of the heart and stroke occurs when the brain damages the heart muscle. Heart attack can be the result of a heart attack, but if you have a heart attack, it’s a very uncommon event.

Stroke is the name for the condition that occurs when the brain damages the heart muscle. Because the heart is so important to the way we live our lives, it is one of the most common causes of death in the United States, as well as being the leading cause of acute heart failure.

The heart is a very complex organ. It is made up of many different types of cells, each of which is a muscle. The heart has a number of different pumping regions, each of which is made up of many muscle cells. When the heart muscle cells die or contract, they release a chemical that is called a hormone. The hormone causes the heart muscle cells to contract, but they are not as big as they were.

Heart attack is a sudden, severe event that often occurs suddenly, or occurs suddenly and repeatedly. When it happens, it can cause a number of problems. It can cause a person to lose consciousness and go into a comatose state. It can cause a person to lose oxygen to the brain. It can also cause a person to suffer a number of other serious complications.

In stroke, there is damage to the blood supply to the heart muscle. This is why the person is unconscious and cannot feel pain. It’s also why the person is unable to move. There are a number of different types of stroke. Some causes no damage to the heart muscle. In this case, the person is able to move their arms and legs, but is not able to speak or breathe.

Strokes typically cause only a person to lose consciousness, although sometimes it is permanent. In a stroke, there is damage to the blood supply to the brain. This causes the person to be unconscious. As a result, they can not feel pain. However, they are able to sense pain and their eyes can move.

Strokes are different from Heart Attacks in one basic way. They can happen to anyone, but they do not cause permanent damage to the heart. The person who is a victim of stroke can feel pain, but is not able to speak. In a stroke, they can feel pain, but they are unable to breathe. In a normal stroke, they can breathe, but they can not feel pain.

Heart attacks and strokes don’t have to be serious, though. A stroke can happen suddenly or over a course of time. A heart attack can happen suddenly or over a period of time. In both sudden heart attacks and strokes, the person will feel pain, but they can not speak.

A stroke is a sudden event. A heart attack can happen suddenly or over a course of time. However, a stroke doesn’t always mean that one will take you out. It could be a gradual event, or the person who has a stroke may be able to still communicate with you. People who have a stroke can still use their mind to control their body.

A stroke happens when the blood flow to the brain is reduced to a certain point and oxygen is not being delivered to the brain, causing a temporary loss of brain function. The severity of this affects the person and how much brain activity they can control. The effects of the stroke can range from an inability to speak to the person being unable to remember certain things. But the most dangerous part is the possibility of long-term brain damage. For people with a stroke, the effects are permanent.



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