17 Signs You Work With megalophobia pictures


I’m constantly being asked about my megalophobia as a person.

A megalophobia is a fear of being on the other end of a bedpost, or being in the mirror. Or, as it’s sometimes called, being “in the glass.” Most of the people who ask me about this have never had megalophobia. My wife and I have no megalophobia. We both have a fear of glass and mirror and are constantly afraid of our reflection, but it’s not a fear of me.

Me, well, I’m always afraid of being in the mirror. The worst thing that ever happened to me was when I was 12. My dad let me take a glass of water into the bathroom and put it on the mirror. When I took it back out, the water was gone, and I thought I’d died.

Me, I’ve had a couple of episodes where I’ve been completely unable to look in a mirror. I’ve literally had to remove my eyes from it. The worst one was when I was 11, I think. I just couldn’t look at a mirror without my eyes hurting, so I hid under the bed.

Not to be outdone by his dad, megalophobia is terrified of mirrors, and especially mirrors in which I cannot look. It is an affliction that affects people in a very direct way, not just the megalophobic person who has a mirror in the bathroom, but also any mirror.

And it is possible to have both of these afflictions, just like megalophobia and megalophobia, although the megalophobia is more often the result of the megalophobia, whereas the megalophobia is more often the result of the megalophobia. I’ve had a megalophobia since age 9, and even though I have a mirror in my bedroom, I still have not managed to look in it.

The megalophobes are also known for putting pictures on their mirrors. And like the weirdos in the mirror, they may use their mirrors to spy on people. They may also try to spy on the person who has megalophobia to gain information, but the person with megalophobia just can’t tell.

When we were children, our parents sometimes got us into trouble when we looked in the mirror. Not that they would actually do something like that, but we were kids. It was for a good reason, though. To see the back of our heads.

Megalophobia pictures have been around for centuries. And unlike the weirdos in the mirror, they don’t usually try to spy on you to spy on others. Instead they will use their mirrors to spy on the person who has megalophobia to gain information, though the person with megalophobia just cant tell.

When I was a kid, we were always told that we should all just stop seeing this stuff. We were told that it was because our brains were too big to handle seeing or sensing what was behind our own eyes. But I think that was a load of bollocks. We know we have our own reflection in front of our eyes, in the mirror. We also know that we are not evil.



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